Excited for Things to Come

So two exciting things are in the works for me currently. First, I recently decided to move into Portsmouth with a friend. We haven't found the exact place yet, but I'm very excited to finally set up camp and put down roots somewhere starting in July. My plan is to use Portsmouth as my home base – grow my social media business there locally, and then travel once that's established.

However, tonight I received news that may change that plan slightly – for the better. At around 5pm I was having a glass of wine and cooking out with my family. I checked my phone (as I do every 30 seconds...) and I saw I had an email from a company running an ambassador travel contest. I thought about it and then recalled that I had entered myself into the running a few months ago with a photo of me and a short blurb about how I live my #BestLife. 

Until today, I hadn't thought once about that entry at all, but I assumed the email would be a "We regret to inform you...." – as so many emails I've received before have been. However, as it turns out, I am a finalist for the position and I'm one of only 5 male finalists from over 1,000 applicants. 

The position basically boils down to this: If chosen, I would receive $60,000 to travel twice a month for 6 months ($10k/month). I'd have to document my travels with photo and video (as I'd already want to do anyway) and promote the brand through this. One great detail is that I could still work because it only asks that you take two trips in the US per month. This is like my dream anyway but the money was what was missing... with this opportunity, it wouldn't be anymore.

It goes without saying that this would be an incredible opportunity and I'm super excited to see what happens. My main thought with this is that it would be an amazing jump start to my career in influencer marketing and travel blogging. 

Anyway, I will definitely be updating as things progress but for now, finger's crossed it works out!